Workshop at the University of Zagreb


Date: 27/03/2018
Location: Zagreb, Croatia

The faculty of mechanical engineering and naval architecture (FSB) at the University of Zagreb organized a workshop for graduate and post graduate students of FSB on “CFD simulations of the multiphase reactive flows”.

ESR15, Mr Mijo Tvrdojevic was one of the presenters. He delivered a lecture on the technical aspects of the Diesel combustion and its CFD simulation and he presented also the IPPAD project itself – how it is organized, what is the goal, who can benefit from it and how.

He also presented the European projects and funding schemes as well and described how future PhD students can benefit from them. Most of the students that attended the workshop would soon have to choose between work in the industry and academic related careers. Mr Tvrdojevic took the turning point in the students’ careers under consideration and shared his personal experience with them to explain how the MSCA-ITN give young researchers the opportunity to try both paths before deciding. He even explained how one can apply for a fellowship at an ITN project.

The audience could relate to all the information provided and this made the workshop of Mr Tvrdojevic a very successful one.