Why don’t you try something new for a change?

St Pauls High School_Bangalore_Mahesh

Date: 12/2016
Location: Bangalore, India

In December 2016, ESR 2, Mr Vikrant Mahesh, visited his home town Bangalore in India, because he wanted to motivate the students of St. Pauls English High School to go out of their way in order to follow research related careers.

Mr Mahesh was well aware of the mentality of the students’ families: the parents work usually for IT companies and the children follow most of the times their parents’ footsteps. This means actually that research related careers are out of the question, as they create a sense of insecurity regarding the future. In the activity implemented on the 23.12.16 Mr Mahesh tried to motivate the 240 teenagers that attended his presentation to stay open to new perspectives.

Based on his own experiences in the IPPAD project he described the unique feeling of being a Marie Curie Research Fellow, the benefits of the fellowship but also the skills needed to become a successful researcher: effective communication skills, active learning approach, critical thinking and problem solving skills, collaboration skills etc.

The teachers of the school gave their feedback on the activity, which was considered successful because of the creative interaction with the audience, the useful information provided and Mr Mahesh’s engagement to broaden the student’s horizons.