The feeling of finding out

Fau-research training a

Date: 12/07/2018
Location: Nürnberg, Germany

The CBI faculty at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) organized an event for about two hundred second semester bachelor students of different scientific fields. The event is called “Research Training”, because it aims to familiarize the young students with various research procedures. But the students call the event “Feeling the research “, because of the hands-on activities offered, eg. working in the lab, collaborating with others, writing a scientific report, etc.

ESR 3, Mr. Javad Rezaei (FAU) tutored one of the student groups that participated in the event. First, the students got familiar with the theory of internal combustion engines, the impact of fuel properties as one of the key factors in vehicle emissions and the different optical diagnostic techniques which can be used in order to visualize and quantify combustion parameters. The students were impressed by the new high speed cameras and the high pulse laser capabilities that capture the combusting flame with high accuracy. Then they tried a simplified version of Schlieren (one of the optical techniques used for combustion) to run their own experiment. This method captures the optical inhomogeneities which invisible to the human eye.  The students made the setup, implemented the experiments, and then they prepared a scientific report and a poster to present their work to other students as well.

Fau-research training b

Mr Rezaei contributed further to this event with a poster presentation. In this session he introduced his research topic to many of the participating students and he provided them with useful information regarding the EU funding opportunities.