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Upcoming events

IICR 5th Cavitation Workshop

The IPPAD ESRs, whose research topic is related to cavitation, will participate in the Poster Exhibition of the IICR 5th Cavitation Workshop, on 27-28 June 2017, in Chania, Greece. This way they will have the opportunity to present their work to the scientific community and also to gain peer feedback and support. http://iicr2017.net

ESR3 / Mr Javad Rezaei  / FAU
  • Conference paper entitled “The liquid penetration of diesel substitutes”, accepted for presentation at the ILASS2017 conference, September 2017, Valencia, Spain
ESR6 / Mr Carlos Rodriguez / CITY
  • Conference paper entitled “Supercritical and transcritical real-fluid mixing using the PC-SAFT EoS’’, accepted for presentation at the ILASS2017 Conference, September 2017, Valencia, Spain
ESR9 / Mr Manu Manazhi /LUND
  • Poster presentation at Gordon Research Conference and Gordon Research Seminar entitled ‘Laser-induced incandescence and extinction measurements of soot in an oxy-fuel reactor’ at West Dover, USA during August 6th – 11th. (Abstract accepted)
ESR12 / Mr Alvaro Vidal Roncero / CITY
  • Scientific paper entitled “Thermodynamic Properties of Diesel through its Surrogates using PC-SAFT EoS” ( to be submitted in June 2017, Journal Supercritical Fluids).
  • Scientific paper entitled “Simulation of supercritical and transcritical real-fluids using the PC-SAFT EOS” (to be submitted in August 2017)

Previous events

ESR8 / Ms Natascia Palazzo / FAU
  • Participation in the Poster Exhibition at the CBI symposium at FAU (May 2017). Poster entitled ‘Implementation of a Burner for Diesel combustion and soot emission investigation’
ESR14 / Mr Michel Keller / IFPEN
  • Participation in the Poster Exhibition at the 1st  edition of the RSCompChemistry Conference at the IFP Energies nouvelles in Paris (March 2017) Poster Title: ‘Generation of soot basal structure units with ReaxFF’