Long Night of Science (Die Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften)


Date: 21/10/2017
Location: Erlangen, Germany

The Long Night of Science is a public get-to-know event where researchers from different fields and disciplines show their research activities to families and young students by using presentations, posters, demo setups and entertaining scientific activities.

During this public event Ms Natascia Palazzo (ESR 8) exhibited a mini demo setup representing the optical setup she is using in her research project for measurements on soot particles. She also delivered a presentation and she carried out a basic scientific activity regarding light and light interaction with matter in order to introduce to the audience her research topic, the motivation behind her research work and the possible applications.

Her activity drew the attention of the audience which consisted of families and students of all ages. Ms Palazzo answered many questions and was often asked to repeat her activity, as it seemed very interesting to her audience, which gave her a very positive feedback.