Lecture for school students


Date: 22/05/2018
Location: Lund, Sweden

On May 22, 2018 the general diesel research laboratory of the Lund University’s Engineering Faculty (LTH) hosted about 20 science students from a local high school.

They attended a lecture on Combustion delivered by Prof. Per-Erik Bengtsson. He presented the motivation behind the research conducted at the IPPAD project by underlining the role of combustion technology as a major power source in everyday life and by listing most of the problems related to the emissions from combustion engines.

After the lecture the students visited the combustion physics department for a lab tour implemented by ESR 9, Mr Manu Naduvil Mannazhi and ESR 10, Mr Xinda Zhu. They saw the research single-cylinder optical engines and attended a short presentation about the internal combustion engines and the way the different departments at LTH conduct research and collaborate with each other. The ESRs presented the various parts of the optical engine and the laser measurements that are currently conducted. The students were impressed by a high speed video (25,000 fps) of the results collected during previous measurements and they wanted to know more about the tests that are being performed in the system. Finally, the discussion came to the reduction of the emissions from IC engines and this led to an intense Q and A round on the future of fossil fuel and biofuels.

At the end of the visit the students and their teacher rewarded the LUND team with their positive feedback.