In the Chinese Wikipedia “Baidu Zhidao”


Date: November 2017

Mr Jianhang Wang’s outreach activity aims to help Chinese people gain an overview of the Marie Curie Actions. Thus, ESR 5 from TUM (Technische Universität München) created a link for the Chinese Wikipedia which is called “Baidu Zhidao”. He translated information from English to Chinese about the background of the programmes and about Marie Curie the scientist. He also presented the four main types of MSCA helping researchers or academic groups identify the right program according to their goals and interests. He also added links that lead the viewer to the official websites of the EC and Horizon 2020.

Instructions for non-Chinese users in Baidu Zhidao

  1. Go to the homepage of Baidu Zhidao
  2. Copy – paste the following “玛丽居里行动计划” (which means “Marie Curie Actions” in the Chinese) as in the example
  3. It is the first item in the search result page (as highlighted in the picture below)
  4. Click and go to the ESRs’ page.